Greg Bahnsen Critiques Evolution

How can we as Christians respond to the challenge of the evolutionary hypothesis? Before I answer that question, just to make sure you know what I’m talking about in this lecture, I’ll be dealing with what is called macro evolution, rather than micro evolution. And as I’m talking about species transformation, the evolution of living […]

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Gordon Clark Quotes – Atheism, Naturalism

The atheist who asserts that there is no God… claims omniscience and omnipotence The atheist who asserts that there is no God, asserts by the same words that he holds the whole universe in his mind; he asserts that no fact, past, present, future, near, or far, escapes his attention, that no power, however great, […]

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problems with atheism materialism

Problems With Atheistic Materialism – Greg Bahnsen

Three Foundational Worldviews You either have materialism, dualism, or some religious philosophy, and of course, there’s a plethora of religious philosophies. How do we, as presuppositionalists pursue Step Four: showing the failure to provide the preconditions of intelligibility with respect to the different worldviews that we can encounter? Materialism Let’s start with the materialist. We […]

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atheism's moral problem

Atheism’s Moral Problem: No Objective Moral Standard

Atheists, naturalists, or secularists often make moral arguments against the Bible, saying that God is immoral for commanding certain things in the Bible. However, atheism’s moral problem is that because it starts from a foundation that is without God, there is a fundamental flaw with these kinds of moral arguments. Atheism’s Moral Problem Is that […]

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