The Problem of Evil: The Actual Solution (Not “Free Will”)

A common objection against the Bible is the Problem of Evil, which is basically this: The Problem of Evil Argument First, the Bible teaches that God is all-loving and all-powerful. Second, an all-loving God would be opposed to evil, and an all-powerful God would be able to end evil. Third, evil exists in the world. […]

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Calvinism vs Arminianism: What Does the Bible Teach?

Does the Bible teach Calvinism or Arminianism? Here, we’ll argue that the Bible teaches the Calvinist position, and not the Arminian position. We’ll begin with some general principles, then we’ll cover the major differences between the two and list some Scripture references, and finally, we’ll answer some common objections against Calvinism. This is more of […]

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Faith and Good Works

The Relationship Between Faith and Good Works

What is the relationship between faith and good works? Are we saved by just faith, or by faith and good works? Learn the answer. We’re Saved by Faith Alone, but Saving Faith Is Always Accompanied By Good Works The answer is that we are saved by faith alone, but saving faith is always accompanied by […]

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lordship salvation

Lordship Salvation: Is It Biblical?

There is much debate concerning whether lordship salvation is biblical or not. Learn the arguments for Scripture teaching lordship salvation. What Is Lordship Salvation? Lordship salvation teaches that salvation involves not just a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, but also submission to Jesus as Lord. This is controversial because many people say this means […]

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Does Moral Responsibility Require Free Will?

Some argue that free will is necessary for moral responsibility to exist. However, this is simply not true. Learn why free will is not necessary for moral responsibility. Here, we will summarize what philosopher and theologian Gordon Clark has written about this subject. Below are quotes from Clark’s essay, God and Evil. The Definition of […]

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calvinism puppets robots

Does Calvinism Mean People Are Puppets and Robots? (Answering Objections))

One argument against Calvinism is that if God is completely sovereign, that would mean people are merely puppets and robots. Here is the answer to this objection. Inanimate Objects vs. Humans Inanimate objects like puppets and robots are in a completely different category than humans. This is how Gordon Clark defines “choice”: Choice then may […]

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god author sin

Is God the Author of Sin?

One argument against Calvinism is that if God is completely sovereign, that would make Him the author of sin. Here, we will answer this objection and reference Gordon Clark’s thinking. There Is a Difference Between Being the “Author” of Sin and Being “Guilty” of Sin Because God is completely sovereign over His creation, there is […]

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christians lose salvation

Can Christians Lose Salvation?

True Christians cannot lose their salvation. Scripture teaches that salvation is completely dependent upon God and not upon human choice. Although humans need to have faith to be saved, this faith itself is a gift from God. Christians Cannot Lose Salvation Because Salvation Is from God Ephesians 1:3-4 teaches that God has chosen whom He […]

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eternal security

Is Eternal Security Biblical?

The Bible teaches the doctrine of eternal security. What exactly does this mean? Eternal Security Is True Because Salvation Is from God The reason the doctrine of eternal security can be true is because salvation is from God. This means that a person’s salvation is determined by God before that person was even born. 3 Blessed […]

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once saved always saved

Is Once Saved, Always Saved Biblical?

There is debate concerning whether the phrase, “once saved, always saved,” is biblical. The phrase is biblical, but we need to understand exactly what it means Once Truly Saved, Always Saved It is biblical that once a person is truly saved, that person is always saved. Simply professing faith in Jesus does not save a […]

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