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Terms and Conditions Welcome to ReformedWiki! These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of ReformedWiki’s Website, located at https://reformedwiki.com. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use ReformedWiki if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions […]

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John Calvin Quote – What Is Knowledge?

This is what John Calvin has said about what knowledge is. I call that knowledge, not what is innate in man, nor what is by diligence acquired, but that which is delivered to us by the Law and the Prophets. Commentary on Jeremiah 44:1. Geneva edition, 1576, 326

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gordon clark

Refuting Paul Sartre, Empiricism – Gordon Clark Quotes

This is a list of Gordon Clark quotes about Jean-Paul Sartre and Empiricism. For each quote, there is a link where you can purchase the book where the quote came from. For Gordon Clark quotes about empiricism in general, visit Gordon Clark Quotes – Empiricism. Gordon Clark Refutes Jean-Paul Sartre, Empiricism (Wheaton Lectures) From Clark […]

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donald trump

Is Donald Trump a Christian?

Donald Trump calls himself a non-denominational Christian, and his policies as President of the United States were friendly towards Christians, but if we compare Trump’s life and words to the Bible, it is clear that he is not in fact a true, regenerated, saved Christian. How do we know this? We Can Judge People by […]

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epistle of barnabas

Read the Epistle of Barnabas – Full Text (Kirsopp Lake Translation)

The Epistle of Barnabas is a very early Christian writing. It was probably written about AD 80–120. Although it is not part of the New Testament canon, it is often mentioned by various church fathers. Epistle of Barnabas – Kirsopp Lake Translation CHAPTER 1 – Greeting and introduction — Three doctrines– Prophecy 1 Hail, sons […]

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church fathers writings

Church Fathers – List of Writings

This page contains a list of the writings of the early church fathers. Apostolic Church Fathers Didache (~ AD 50–120) Didache – Roberts-Donaldson Translation Didache – J. B. Lightfoot Translation Didache – Charles H. Hoole Translation Didache – Kirsopp Lake Translation Epistle of Barnabas (~ AD 80–120) Epistle of Barnabas – J. B. Lightfoot Translation […]

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church fathers

Who Were the Apostolic Church Fathers?

The apostolic church fathers were the early church fathers who were contemporaries with the apostles of the New Testament. List of Apostolic Church Fathers and Works This is a list of the apostolic church fathers, or works written by apostolic church fathers. Letters attributed to Clement of Rome: The First Epistle of Clement and the […]

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Faith, Works, Salvation, and Regeneration: Their Relationship

What’s the relationship between faith, works, salvation, and regeneration? The answer is actually pretty simple: we’re saved through faith alone, but true, saving faith will always be accompanied by, and result in, good works. This is because both faith and good works are the result of regeneration, which is where God gives a sinner a […]

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Sensation and Science – Gordon Clark / Cornelius Van Til Differences

Van Til and Bahnsen argue that sensation and science are valid means of obtaining truth, as long as they’re undergirded with Christian presuppositions. Clark argues that sensation cannot produce knowledge, and science cannot produce truth. Clark has a more narrow definition of “truth.” Bahnsen writes this: “I do not conclude that science has no right […]

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Gordon Clark Quotes – Sensation, Empiricism

thought and knowledge cannot be obtained from pure sensation… sensation in terms of thought rather than thought in terms of sensation …thought and knowledge cannot be obtained from pure sensation; or, in other words, to preserve a connection between sense experience and rational knowledge, sensation must be understood as an incipient form of reason. The […]

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