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This is a list of Gordon Clark quotes about Hegel and Rationalism. For each quote, there is a link where you can purchase the book where the quote came from.

Gordon Clark Refutes Hegel (Wheaton Lectures)

From Clark and His Critics, published by the Trinity Foundation (page numbers are from the Apple Books e-book).

If brevity is anywhere possible and somewhat excusable, it will be in the account of Plato and Hegel. Since these two men were indubitably geniuses, it would be ridiculous to brush them off with a flourish. Yet Hegelianism has been so vigorously and so persuasively attacked that one is tempted to rest in the contemporary decision. Hegelianism was a Rationalistic system that claimed to explain everything without exception through a system of categories. One category, a Thesis, upon analysis is turned into its contradictory or Antithesis. These two were then harmonized in the next higher category, the Synthesis. This three-term dialectic continued until all problems were solved in the Absolute Spirit. Søren Kierkegaard expressed the main objection to Hegelianism by contending that Hegelianism provides no room for Hegel. Others have pointed out that zoology cannot be deduced from the categories. Another expression of the same objection is that between the logical dialectic and the development of the Absolute Spirit in history and politics a great and impassable gulf is fixed.

Gordon H. Clark. “Clark and His Critics.” Apple Books. 48-49.

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