gordon clark

This is a list of Gordon Clark quotes about Immanuel Kant. For each quote, there is a link where you can purchase the book where the quote came from.

Gordon Clark Refutes Immanuel Kant, Ethics (Wheaton Lectures)

Of course, it will be impossible to cover the subject completely in this lecture. Kant, for example, must be dismissed with two remarks: first, the inconclusive remark that his categorical imperative fails to see any moral difference between the life of a miser and the life of a philanthropist; and second, the definitive point that the tension between the mechanism of the visible world and the moral freedom of the noumenal world tears the theory in two.*

* See my Thales to Dewey, The Trinity Foundation [1957] 2000, 328-334.

Gordon H. Clark. “Clark and His Critics.” Apple Books. 84.

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