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This is a list of Gordon Clark quotes about history.

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Wheaton Lectures

Historical Knowledge Is Impossible

In fact, if one wishes to insist, history faces an insuperable objection. Professor J. E. Meiland in Skepticism and Historical Knowledge argues that nothing can serve as evidence for past events and that therefore historical knowledge is impossible. His reason is that in order for E to serve as evidence for H an historical event, a correlation must first have been established between things like E (documents, ruins, etc.) and events like H. This is how x-rays are taken as evidence for tuberculosis. But H is a past event, and nothing other than a past event can be sufficiently like H to serve in a correlation. But E is in the present. Hence the establishment of a correlation repeats the problem ad infinitum. If in replying to this argument, one wishes to use the trustworthiness of memory, Dr. Meiland shows that no one can prove that any memory is correct. To check memories by present observations requires generalizations that depend on previous memories, and again this begs the question.

Gordon H. Clark. “Clark and His Critics.” Apple Books. 190-.

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