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What does the Bible teach about suicide? Can someone who commits suicide still be saved? While suicide is a serious sin, it can be argued that a person who commits suicide can still be saved.

Suicide Is Murder According to the Bible

Murder is the unjustified taking of human life. Suicide is murder because it is the unjustified taking of one’s own life. All life belongs to God. Since our life does not belong to ourselves, we do not have the right to end our own life.

Suicide Hurts Others

Another reason why suicide is a serious sin is because it hurts others. Suicide is selfish because it demonstrates a lack of concern for others who care about the person committing suicide.

Christians Can Experience Deep Depression

In the Bible, and throughout history, we see examples of Christians who experience deep depression. We should not discount stories of people who experience deep depression to the point of considering suicide.

Every human is created in a unique manner, and some Christians may be more prone to experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts.

It Is Conceivable that Someone Who Commits Suicide Can Still Be Saved

We should not minimize that suicide is a serious sin. Everyone should be strongly discouraged from committing suicide, and we should never glorify or encourage suicide.

At the same time, we can image circumstances where a Christian might (sinfully) commit suicide and still be saved. Just as murder does not exclude a person from salvation, it seems that suicide would not exclude a person from salvation.

It may be possible for a person to be experiencing so much pain and depression that that person feels suicide is the only option left. Despite much anguish and doubts, this person may follow through and commit suicide.

It simply seems to simplistic to say that nobody who commits suicide is saved.

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