voddie baucham racism


By the way, when people use the term racism today, the term racism, you got to be careful and you got to understand what people are talking about. Because when people say racism, they could mean you are being accused of being an individual who has racist, prejudicial ideas toward other individuals.

Or, they could just be saying that you are a person who is part of the cultural hegemony, which, by the way, is inherently racist against people who are not. Which means that now you have racism without a racist.

By the way, how do you handle that? Racism in the heart of an individual. Let’s go to the book. Amen. Let’s go to the book. Let’s call that what it is.

But racism that exists because of cultural hegemony. How do you fix that? Now instead of a preacher you’ve become a politician. Because the only way to fix that one is to change the hegemony. You see why these ideas matter?

And so the very ways in which we think about ourselves, the very ways in which we think about issues, the very ways, and this is why sometimes you can feel like you’re having a different conversation than another person.

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