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Atheism and the Problem of Morality (Jeff Durbin) – Animated Video

Jeff Durbin analyzes three responses to the problem of morality that atheism has. Generally speaking, atheists suggest that their basis for morality is either 1) preference, 2) societal convention, or 3) the desire to survive and flourish. Learn the problems with these proposed solutions to the problem of morality. Video Transcript So the atheist has […]

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Can Empiricism/Observation Produce Knowledge? – Vincent Cheung

This excerpt is from Vincent’s Cheung’s Presuppositional Confrontations. “Imagine that we are watching a game of tennis on television, although for our purpose it can be just about any kind of game – basketball, football, or even chess.” A Priori Knowledge vs. Blank Slate Sensory Experience “Suppose that I know the rules of tennis, but […]

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christians atheists burden of proof

Christians, Atheists, and the Burden of Proof – Gordon Clark

Do Christians or atheists have the burden of proof? This is what Gordon Clark writes on the subject. These excerpts come from the article Atheism at the Trinity Foundation. The Atheist Challenge “But atheists, like agnostics, shift the burden of proof and say the theist is under obligation to demonstrate the truth of his view; […]

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