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Is Atheism Neutral and Unbiased? No, It’s Not.

One common claim is that atheism is neutral and unbiased, whereas Christianity begins with many unjustified, unproven assumptions. However, this claim is false because there is no such thing as philosophic neutrality. Quotes About Atheism Being Neutral So, let me make my somewhat seditious proposal explicit: We should not call ourselves “atheists.” We should not […]

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presuppositional apologetics evidence

Does Presuppositional Apologetics Ignore Evidence?

Atheists often argue that presuppositional apologetics provides no evidence for their claims. However, this is not a valid argument against presuppositional apologetics. Quotes About Presuppositional Apologetics Ignoring Evidence The question of the existence of God is a factual question, and should be answered in the same way as any other factual questions. Atheist Gordon Stein […]

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presuppositional apologetics circular

Is Presuppositional Apologetics Circular?

One common objection to Presuppositional Apologetics is that it utilizes circular reasoning. However, the reality is that all worldviews ultimately depend upon circular reasoning. Quotes from Critics About Presuppositional Apologetics Being Circular Below are quotes from people who criticize Presuppositional Apologetics as being circular There is to be nothing which smacks of begging the question […]

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presuppositional apologetics

What Is Presuppositional Apologetics?

Presuppositional Apologetics is an apologetic method. Its arguments deal with the foundational first-principles of worldviews, arguing that the Christian worldview is the only worldview with a first-principle (namely, that the Bible is God’s revelation) that provides justification for the existence of knowledge, intelligibility, reason, the laws of logic, morality, and other abstract concepts. All other […]

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